AITEX, reference site of textile research and innovation

AITEX is a Technologic Institute dedicated to the research on science and technology related to textile business. It is the research and innovation textile reference site.

AITEX is a private non-profit association composed by different companies from the textile industry and other industries related to the same sort of business. AITEX main objective is to  improve the industry competitiveness and provide solutions for health improvement, well-being and life quality of the society.
The site always uses as denomination, its acronym, AITEX, whose meaning is  Textile Industry Research Association.

AITEX was born in 1985, as a Generalitat Valenciana initiative. From the beginning to today, the location of AITEX headquarter is in  Alcoy, a city next to Banyeres de Mariola, in Alicante’s province.

Furthermore,  AITEX, disposes of two Technical Units, one of them located in Valencia and another one in Ontinyent.
In addition, AITEX has some delegations in eastern countries.

This important research and innovation textile site works in many knowledge areas such as intelligent and functional textiles, biotechnological applications in the textile processes and nanotechnology applied to the development of textile materials, new textile processes and textile solutions for areas such as the personal protection, the safety and the health area.

Since 2000 each four months, the institute edits a review called  AITEX Review this one summarizes the present textile industry innovation, technique and science. To go to  AITEX website just click on the link..