Beauty Vs Fire

Beauty, force, courage and resistance against danger. In our campaign to introduce one of our key products, Flame Retardant textile, we have created an allegory to express the qualities of this strand. From the creation of this one, it has offered safety against fire in public and private spaces.

One of the most important research advances that science gave us developing the different collections that MANATEX offers is the esthetical value.
Nowadays we are able to assure that our fabrics natural appearance can compete with the same conditions with those fabrics composed by natural fibres—and that not enforce the current legislation.
In this way beauty and safety can coexist in places where textile is the main character.
From Manatex we would like to underline the importance of keeping safety in our environment, including one of our worst enemies along ages, FIRE.
We are really focused on textiles developing, making them more safety without renouncing BEAUTY.
To express this concept, instead of the creation of a technical video explaining all technical qualities of our collections FR textiles , we have created a video in which our fabrics are represented in the emotional way. For the production of the video we were based on the mythological character Helen of Troy. To represent the fire resistance we have chosen a mythological element that has fire control and a high physical resistance, the Phoenix.
With both figures in mind, the present video has been designed where a woman, dressed carefully with our textile, discovers the power of the fire against her and she morphs to confront her danger.