Catering table linen, 4 keys for the textile use


 From our experience, we would like to highlight the 4 key points of textile material to deserve use in catering table linen.

We search some essential requirements to dress tables. These ones are resistance, pilling formation avoidance and touch pleasure. All textiles, especially which ones destined for catering industry may enforce some requirements that allow them to put up with the huge diary wear. Good maintenance conditions textiles must provide us comfort feeling on the table.

In industrial washes , textiles focused on hotel and restaurant industry may show their resistance to chemical cleaning agents such as detergents, stain remover or inhibitors. Furthermore those textiles may stand high temperature washes without losing colour or becoming weak. An easy iron will help the fabric to be ready for another use in short time. That maintenance conditions will underline the difference for the choice of a determined fabric.
Another factor to take into account is pilling. Pilling,is not a wished effect, it consists on the formation of tangled fibres bobbles, on the fabric surface. This fact causes a distressed or long use effect, in short periods of time, when this effect is remarkable. Therefore, the pilling always will be an effect to avoid and it may be predicted from the beginning of the fabric design.

We understand as abrasion the mechanic action of wear and friction that causes a material or fabric erosion. To measure this textile variable exists a method called Martindale test. This one consists into keep some fabric samples on routing plate machine that do repetitive movements and turn on themselves. The objective is to analyse constantly the abrasive effect that is produced and therefore the wear or break resistance of the fibres that composes it, determining thecycles number  that is able to resist.
Lastly, the texture o touch may keep up with guests’ hopes, because a pleasant fabric can change completely the perceptions of the whole catering concept.  The soft and comfortable fabrics touch  creates a comfort environment that is extremely important for hotels or restaurants that implants it on their facilities.