Safe spaces with Flame retardant fabrics

Nowadays fabrics choice becomes more important in the search of safe spaces, and keeping the decorative and functional aspects. A strict legislation exists for the suitable material use that enforces indisputable criteria about common and collective facilities such as restaurants and hotels.

Keeping a stylish and a decorative touch in curtains, upholstery, table linen, carpets and other sort of textile products  should provide flame-retardant elements.
All textile elements can be flame-retardant  in different ways, because of dip, fibres or FR yarn composition, spinning, foaming, adhesive-lamination or applied fluid backing.

Let’s see each type of flame-retardant fabric:


Dip consists on a bath of fire retardant textile —fabric or not—. This fact gives to textile — not continuous— fire retardant properties. Depending of fibres that compose them, textiles can resist between 4 and 20 washes maximum.

Fibres or FR yarns

It consists on the use of fibres whose monomers are added, taking part in a formation chain of the same monomer. Substances such as chlorine or bromine get a permanent fire retardant effect.

In the Manatex, long experience, we checked in some analysis —carried out in Spanish and European laboratories and technologic institutes— that fire retardant (FR) material quality used in our products provides optimum results. Because of that, the maximum qualifications are raised regarding the fire behaviour.

Adhesive Lamination

It consists on sticking a fire retardant sheet to a bracket textile, which provides fire retardant characteristics that these textiles had not before. The only inconvenient is that usually the textile becomes stiff.

Foaming or fluid applied backing

It consists on the application by the squeegee or cylinder of a fire retardant product that builds a fire retardant wall that usually just allows the enforcement of the British Standard regulation (or cigarette and match prove).
It is used to be less stiff than adhesive lamination, therefore is more used, specifically in upholstery industry.
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