Abstract art, elegant curved and straight lines for spaces with personality

In this new blog post, we are going to deal with a topic closely related to the Bold trend. We are talking about what is known as abstract art, elegant curved and straight lines for spaces with personality.

Within interior decoration, decor walls is one of the keys to projecting personality in a room. In addition, it is a way to add color and design to every corner of the home or professional space.

In this sense, abstract art creates elegant combinations thanks to curved and straight lines. This decorative current is perfect to every space and gives an undoubted qualitative nuance of great character. We can apply this current in large format, but also in gallery-walls.

Arte abstracto, líneas curvas y rectas para espacios con personalidad
Abstract art, elegant curved and straight lines for spaces with personality

Neutral and soft colors are recommendable for this decorative style

Nowadays, inside this decoration line, are very demanded neutral and soft colors. To them colors such as broken white, greige and black are incorporated. Greige is a color halfway between beige and gray, which brings the warmth of the former and the elegance of the latter. Without any doubt, its versatility is extreme and it is usually a very successful decorative decision.

If we talk about personalized decorative textiles, we can play with designs that integrate this type of colors. Another option is that these decorative fabrics could have nuances of other colors that generate a beautiful constraint, without shrillness.

In Manatex, we design personalized textile solutions for the equipment of different

types of stays. Homes and profesional spaces can count with our proposals to achieve a perfect symphony in this and other decoration styles. These decorative fabrics are the perfect complement to the other elements that form part of a room.

We count with a great specialization in high quality fabrics for decoration, that also counts with high valued technic properties, certified by different referent  institutions in the sector.

Photo credit: MNTX

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