Advised Instagram (3) profiles about textile decoration

We keep going with this new post series, we are going to highlight some advised Instagram (3) profiles about textile decoration.

Pattern illustrations make reference to designs created by a specialist or a graphic designer. In these ones, pattern elements are repeated in a predictable way.

Nowadays, we can find different patterns such as geometrical, artistic, architectural, natural, etc. The mentioned above have a feature, they are repeated in the same way and vice versa.

Advised Instagram profiles about textile decoration de Instagram recomendados sobre decoración textil
Advised Instagram profiles about textile decoration

Advised Instagram (3) profiles about textile decoration

Hereunder, we advise you to follow some Instagram accounts, linked to pattern illustrations, that can be applied to different textiles types, via printing. This is the perfect chance for textiles customising, a service offered by Manatex.


The textile and printings designer, Monica Muñoz is also illustration and pattern design teacher in the IED of Madrid. She was the founder of the Moniquilla studio. This one develops projects linked to textile, home or graphic design. Most patterns she designs can be seen in several textiles, for example.


She is an illustrator and patterns designer from Colombia.  Catalina is very well known because of her surrealistic style. She has been able to get attention by her impressive and joyful visual language, highly optimistic. Infinite colours stand out nature, fauna and flora as main inspiration sources. In this way, she builds her own universe based on beauty and simplicity.


Ines Aguilar has become a referent for textile printings lovers. Her style is characterised by her funny and daring designs that the own Ines shows to replicate on her lessons about “Textile printings design”.


Floor design is sometimes an attractive and inspiring  element that can be moved to other spaces. The photographer Sebastian Erras projects on his Instagram account the most beautiful floors and tiles together with his shoes.

Photo credit: MNTX