Advised Instagram (5) profiles about textile decoration

New post of our series focused on some advised Instagram (5) profiles about textile decoration.

Designs, illustrations, pictures and other resources are inspiration for textile proposals creations. Because of that fact, pattern elements are really helpful. Nowadays, a huge quantity of designs in patterns create a new world of opportunities to create news.

Printing textile world and news are very interesting in present-day. Because of this fact, in this post series we can discover several good inspiring ideas.

Advised Instagram profiles about textile decoration de Instagram recomendados sobre decoración textil
Advised Instagram profiles about textile decoration

Advised Instagram (5) profiles about textile decoration

Hereunder, we advise you to follow some Instagram profiles, which are linked with designs and illustrations, that can be applied on different kinds of textiles, via printing. An ideal resource for textiles customisation, service offered by Manatex.


Helen Li is also well known as Helen of Koi (as she is called on her Instagram Nick). In this channel, the designer shows her charming abilities in the tattoo area. Her design proposals are very suggestive, projecting animated, colourful and stimulant pictures face to project ideas in textiles.

@ tyler_spangler

On this Instagram profile we can find interesting combinations of typographies with brilliant colours. This designer creates visually impressive pictures with a strong typography and audacity. Undoubtedly, a high inspiration for textile printing.


Abbey is an illustrator resident in Brooklyn whose activity is reflected on striking images, without the need of using colours extremely shiny. His proposals are animated and have a lot of personality, which becomes an interesting option to apply on textiles.


Petra is a Spanish illustrator who designs colourful images with high vitality. Her work has been used in REFINERY 29, New York Times and Vice, among others. Her proposals are powerful and reflexive, as we can check on her Instagram profile, representing big ideas for textile printing.

Photo credit: MNTX