Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Cognac style (1)

New lead style among the different chromatic trends in decorative textiles. In this new post, we are referring to cognac style (1) which highlights the powerful effect of this color shade.  

If there is a color which squanders personality and enhances the elegance perception to another level is cognac color. This decorative option is incorporated into the chromatic movement which begins with orange and terracotta. Both colors were relegated from preferent decorative options and now have come back stronger.

Its colors palette accepts a huge range of shades   

On the one side, colors are accepted from amber brown to camel, leather, honey or caramel. Moreover, we can not forget orange shades, such as russet. This surprising variety allows us to integrate those easily in any stance.

On the other side, surprising combinations can be created with other shades, to project a total look. So, these are ideal in wide and lightful, both at home and professional space. In those, the main objective is to enhance without darkening spaces, supplying provocative strokes.

Tendencias cromáticas en textiles decorativos: Coñac style
Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Cognac style

To dress spaces with decorative textiles cognac style is a bursting option

Decorative textiles in walls can shine with own light at any space. In the living room, these can enhance iconic pieces such as the sofa, with cotton textiles that supply a rustic touch.

If upholstery is smooth and our walls are white, we can create spectacular and modernist contrasts with decorative textiles with cognac shades.  Undoubtedly,  possibilities offered by this color are enormous. Moreover, we can play with textile textures to get a steep effect.

To design customized textiles, a Manatex speciality

According to the needs, Manatex bets by surprising solutions in customized decorative textiles.  Our specialization in textiles with several functional properties supplies exclusive solutions.

Customised decorative textiles allow a degree of perfect complementarity with other home elements or any working space. Its huge capacity of contrast is essential to design unique environments.

Photo credit: MNTX