Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Cognac style (2)

New entry where we continue betting on different color trends textiles. We continue with the approach of the previous post and expand the scope of cognac style (2).

Cognac color is part of the chromatic chart of warm colors that, after ocher and terracotta, manage to establish comfort in interior spaces. Its various shades of brown project heat into the environment. Furthermore, projects a touch of sophistication, due to its tanned appearance, something that other colors do not achieve.

Tendencias cromáticas en textiles decorativos: Coñac style
Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Cognac style

Small doses of cognac style add charm

An interesting option is to have ocher, brown and/or caramel tones in accessories such as cushions, rugs, vases, lamps, etc. We can not forget that we can play with upholstered chairs or play with stools that give spaces a fun touch. The effect that we can achieve is even greater if we manage to integrate them into a neutral base, without the need to be pure white.

This decorative variant has no issues adapting other styles. It can look perfect in both classic and modernenvironments and even minimalist. For that, there exist very good ideas in the form of decorative textiles in these spaces. The objective is, without any doubt, to catch the eyes and generate a prevailing feeling of well-being.

The personality is so versatile that it can also be a good option for rustic interiors, where it stands out for its natural connection. Its unique harmony with wood and other natural materials provides vitality and originality. In addition, in this sense, it projects good doses of timelessness.

To design customized textiles, a Manatex speciality

According to the needs, Manatex bets by surprising solutions in customized decorative textiles.  Our specialization in textiles with several functional properties supplies exclusive solutions.

Customised decorative textiles allow a degree of perfect complementarity with other home elements or any working space. Its huge capacity of contrast is essential to design unique environments.

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