Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Green-pocalypse (2)

Going ahead with the present new series of posts whose main characters are chromatic trends in decorative textiles. In this post, we are talking about one of them, called Green-pocalypse (2).

In a decoration field, Green color not only means its use in complements, decorative textiles, painted papers or pinture. The Green-pocalypse trend is linked to an increasing demand by green alternatives of the market. As cited in the precedent post,  it is confirmed in this way  by Design Trends Report 22/23.

Tendencias cromáticas en textiles decorativos: Green-pocalypse
Chromatic trends in decorative textiles: Green-pocalypse (2)

To decorate in green allows to feel nature proximity

Outdoors life is attractive and causes a great contact desire with nature. Precisely, this feature is the base of the green-pocalypse trend and its bet by green, in any shade, to decorate home or a working space.

Nature and its calm effect are a great chance. Green chromatic shades variations give serenity and freshness. With themost intense shades we can get elegant tones. For its part, clearer tones supply a lot of optimism.

Decorative textiles in green with elements such as natural wood are a hit. In this way, from Manatex we can create solutions adequate to needs. Thanks to our specialization in customized decorative textiles, homes and professional spaces are scenarios of great opportunities.

Living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and common areas are spaces where decorative textiles play an important role as main characters. Possibilities to customize a decorative textile are enormous, being able to adapt different designs on the same page of any place.

To play with decorative textiles can create volume and to broaden those through textures having into account green color as a guiding theme. This line is totally loyal to the green-pocalypse trend. 

In the following post, we are going to talk about another interesting decorative trend. It is crushed pastel colors decoration and the denominated feel good effect.

Photo credit: MNTX