Customised printed textiles for home decoration: Degraded

New entry in which we are going to project another interesting proposal of customised textile printings for home decoration, degraded.

Graphical design, degraded, also called colour gradient refers to a colour range ordered lineally. Its objective is to supply visually a soft and progressive transition between two or more colours.

It is an interesting and versatile resource, full of possibilities to apply in textile design.

Degraded uses elements such as light spectrum, that project an energic effect when they are merged with other shades. In this way, colour will have an essential role to supply a dynamic touch.

In interior decoration, degraded can play a disruptive role, applied in objects, coatings and, of course, in textile rolls.

As well as in other decorative styles that we have seen on the blog, degraded is attractive to be used with warmcold or neutral shades.

Customised printed textiles for home decoration: Degraded
Customised printed textiles for home decoration: Degraded

Customised printed textiles for home decoration: Degraded

Under this style, a degraded printed textile can show an extremely original, fresh, striking touch, with plenty possibilities.

In a technique way, we can find:

  • Axial type: it is also well known as lineal; it comes defined from two points and one colour on each point. The colour range through ought this imaginary line that passes along these points it is calculated using lineal interpolation, spreading through the line.
  • Radial type: it comes defined like a circle that begins with a colour on the boundaries and becomes progressively into a second colour until the centre of the circle.

To simulate this technique, in Manatex we dispose of an essential service of textiles customisation.

Thanks to our knowhow, we can create customised textiles by printing clients designs.

As example, our textile proposal for printing under this decorative style is our article Alpaca.

Photo credit: MNTX