Green Interiors, nature inspiration with joy and freshness

It ‘s time to highlight another trendy decorative style of the last few years. We are talking about green interiors, nature inspiration with joy and freshness.

Undoubtedly, nature is highly inspiring in any room of a home or working space. Green colour supplies authenticity, optimism and naturality that make any room a pleasant place.

Natural plants always have a high capacity of protagonism and complementary decoration with textiles that reinforce this brilliant concept.

Remember to research before buying your favourite plants. To some people, it is easier to keep than to others. For Interior designs, plants are the best choice in green places.

Moreover, situations like the lockdown have put more in value than never that nature approach is a need.

Green Interiors, nature inspiration with joy and freshness
Green Interiors, nature inspiration with joy and freshness88

Green Interiors, nature inspiration with joy and freshness 

The possibility of customising textiles inspired by nature concepts gives us a high range of decorative options. In addition, green colour is a colour that allows an impressive range of shades, according to each room.

It is amazing to count with textiles that have natural textures and moreover that those could be customised. Colors, variants and elements that can be printed in different measures and allow us to play.

In Manatex we are conscious of these market trends and because of this fact, we work to create textiles that fulfil all these trend criteria. The idea is to supply fresh and suggerent concepts to create exclusive spaces.

Our specialization in customised printings is always at service for our clients and their specific needs.

Photo credit: MNTX