Hyper nature, connect with nature through technology

In this new blog post we are going to talk about another interesant trend: Hyper Nature. It’s about connecting with nature through technology. As we have seen in the last post (Deep Nature), delving into nature is very fashionable.

Another factor that is tremendously fashionable and it takes an important part in our lives is technology. The digital and technological have been embedded in our personal and professional spaces in an indubitable way. All is connected, even sometimes robotized, which makes necessary a return to the natural and human.

Given this constant technological presence, the search in balance for homes and work spaces has become essential. The harmony between nature and technology is possible, if we go step by step and we think about which is the best way to integrate both worlds.

Hyper nature, conectar con la naturaleza a través de la tecnología
Hyper nature, connect with nature through technology

The coexistence between the natural and the technological is a trend

Sensitive materials, technical fibers, fluid patterns, etc. There are many paths that lead us towards the “Hyper Nature” stream. If technology usually brings us many gray, black and metallic colors, with gloss or matt shades, nature must bring us its contrast.

In this sense, decorative personalized fabrics can provide us a perfect balance in coexistence with technological elements. There are many options, highlighting among them the new color perceptions based on nature.

We can highlight the coral, salmon and light raspberry. It’s about looking for identity, projecting the personality and achieve challenging the existent rules. Interior designs leave a privileged place so that decorative fabricsspeak for themselves.

In Manatex, we design personalized textile solutions for the equipment of different types of stays, such as personal or professional. Our personalized fabric proposals are ideals in this type of decorative style. We have a great specialization in high quality textiles for the decoration and different types of fabrics with highly valued technical properties.

Photo credit: MNTX

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