Interior decoration styles and textiles design: Minimalist

After the precedent post in which we talked about Nordic decoration, now is time to talk about interior decoration and minimalist design textiles.

These decorative styles have strong links exactly with Nordic decoration environment.

In the last years has become a must in design and interior decoration, adding modernity to stances.

Philosophy of minimalist decoration style is very clear: to tend to spaces simplification.

Because of that fact, this way to understand interior design is based on the principle “less is more”.

Minimalist decoration is characterised by the idea of extreme simplification, letting out of the environment all no essential elements.

Simplify to reach minimalists interior is a complete challenge and it is needed to have a lot of touch to play with different textures.

In this way, textile elements can add an interesting warmth and elegancy touch to any sort of environment based on minimalism.

Interior decoration styles and textiles design: Minimalist
Interior decoration styles and textiles design: Minimalist

Interior decoration styles and textiles design: Minimalist

In minimalist environments, a fundamental nuance is to create amplitude feeling, in other words, an opening that projects freedom.

Simplicity becomes a relevant element, reason because it is necessary to take care that decorative elements have space to breath.

That interior spaces would be open and diaphanous, don’t mean that they don’t project warmth and beauty.

There is where textile decorative places can make the difference, as well as forms, colours or textures.

Another relevant point in this decorative style is the order, point that develops minimalist sense.

Decorative textiles can add order criteria like elements that can highlight the personality of different areas in the stances.

To add a distinctive element in minimalist style, our proposal of decorative textile for home is our article Calabria.

Following with line less is more, we bet by an easy line but with a supreme quality. Its appearance will provide the whole room of warmth and elegancy, breaking with the monotony of white minimalism and providing a light rustic touch.

Photo credit: MNTX