Interior design glossary (1): Interesting terms to know

We begin a new series of posts in which we will build a glossary of interior design (1) with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and many concepts that are worth discovering.

We begin with the first terms about the world of interior design:


It is a vintage piece that fits perfectly on any shelf. It is a cylindrical ceramic container that was used in ancient apothecaries and pharmacies to store medicinal preparations and plants.

Its origin dates back to the Near East, or at least the oldest albarelos were found in Persia and date from the 12th century. They arrived in Europe through the ancient Al-Andalus and Sicily and in the 15th century a large production of Mudejar style was developed in various Spanish cities.

Glosario de interiorismo
Interior design glossary


We refer to an eminently Spanish furniture, of Moorish origin. This piece of furniture has the shape of a quadrangular chest with handles on the sides and a folding lid. It designates a type of desk with drawers and interior drawers.

Pure white

It refers to the total absence of color, the whitest white we can find in the color palette. No shades. White always reflects light and provides large doses of amplitude. In addition, it is a tone that evokes purity, cleanliness and tranquility. In English, this concept is known as Total White and has an obvious strength in interior decoration trends.


One of the concepts that has most strongly entered homes and workspaces after the pandemic. The effect of well-being is intrinsic in the depths of being. Achieving this in any of these areas depends on an interior decoration in which each furniture fulfills a function and the space fits the patterns and lifestyle. Well-being has become a great goal for everyday life.

Photo credit: MNTX