Interior design glossary (2): Interesting terms to know

Second entry of the series of posts where we are defining an interior design glossary (2)  with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and a lot of concepts that are worth it to know.

We continue with the next terms about the interior design world:


We can find this in terms of upholstery. Capitoné is the technique through which rivets are used, achieving a relief sensation. The Real Academia Española, RAE, defines it as “Specially said of a padded seat or back in such a way that the stuffing attached with buttons forms regular relief drawings”.

Chaise Longue

One of the most elegant pieces of furniture. It has French origin and its definition is found in its name: long chair.Or more popularly known as divan. It is usual to see it in sofas with one of its longest wings.

Glosario de interiorismo
Interior design glossary


It is one of the most used words to refer to chandeliers.


As its name suggests, it refers to the charm of a room or an object. It is simply what makes us fall in love as soon as we see it, without having a specific and evident reason at the moment.


It is that which achieves balance in a stay. Lighting, textures, colors and other elements must be combined so that the decoration of the interiors shows a perfect atmosphere.

Contrasting tones, playing with shapes and opposing them with different textures are some of the most used methods to break with the monotony of space. In this way, we can give it a much lighter air while striking and sophisticated.


It is the great tool of interior decoration when generating sensations and environments. Playing with color psychology, we can discriminate against those that fit what we want to convey.

Color has its own language and depending on the objective we are pursuing we will have the possibility to make the right selection.

Photo credit: MNTX