Interior design glossary (4): Interesting terms to know

Fourth entry of the series of posts where we are defining an interior design glossary (4)  with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and a lot of concepts that are worth it to know.

We continue with the following terms about the interior design world: 


It is a type of shutter whose shutter is hung from the window leaf itself instead of from its frame. Traditionally they are usually made of wood, and in the 20th century those made of aluminum and plastic began to appear.

They are usually in colors that contrast with the rest of the façade and interiors, so they also fulfill an important aesthetic function.


Actually, it is a brand, but it is used very often to refer to the material itself. It is a type of  plastic laminate with which some woods are covered or protected. Very used in furniture and kitchen countertops. It presents many types of finishes, also imitation wood.

Glosario de interiorismo
Interior design glossary


A gamma is a gradient scale of a color, that is to say, it is about the different shades of the same color that form it, more or less clear. Hue is the unmixed color. The color ranges are all a reference for the interior design world.

Claw and ball

Foot form of the cabriole leg for tables and chairs, which takes on the appearance of a claw grasping a sphere.


A very fashionable concept that refers to a Danish trend that has crept into our lives with the promise of the secret of happiness. This movement alludes to comfort, to a simple life without excesses. It is associated with warm environments, but also natural, that are the ones that lead to achieving well-being at home. Without any doubt, it is all a live style reference.

Photo credit: MNTX

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