Interior design glossary (7): Interesting terms to know

Seventh post of this series in which we are defining a glossary of interior design (7) with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and many concepts that are worth discovering.

We continue with the following terms about the world of interior design:


We talk about a concept that is essential when you want to give an aged aspect to an object. The patina is a thin layer almost transparent that brings a slight tone of wear to the furniture.


Again, another term comes from French. In this case its literal meaning is “foot on the ground”. But its conceptualization, however, points to a second home in which you spend short stays but without being your holiday home. Generally, it is an apartment in a big city that a person, usually high income, enjoys during different times of the year in which he does not want to live in a house on the outskirts.


A term of interior decoration essential. It is a blanket, but smaller than the one that would be used to cover a bed. It is used to warm up on the sofa, but also to decorate it or place it at the foot of the bed.

Focal point

This term refers to the element that sets the view and attention when entering a space. It is the point or element on which the rest of furniture and objects are placed.

Glosario de interiorismo
Glosario de interiorismo


It is the part of a window or door where they are fastened so that they can be opened or closed.


In decoration and architecture it refers to carrying out a work or reform, based on something that already exists and that wants to preserve in part.


Although the term evoque music, in decoration, is used to describe that a space finds harmony between its various elements.

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