Interior design glossary (8): Interesting terms to know

Eighth and last entry of the post in the series in which we are defining a glossary of interior design (8) with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and many concepts that are worth discovering.

We continue with the following terms about the world of interior design:


It is a style of interior decoration that was born linked to the English cottages. It refers to the furniture recovered, restored, but that looks like the patina of time in their finishes. They are pieces that seem worn, but that remain well maintained.

Toile de Jouy

It is one of the most classic fabrics. He was born in France, in the town of Jouy, hence the name means ‘Jouy fabric’. It is named for the pattern of pastoral scenes that can be found both in textiles and in furniture and wallpaper.

Glosario de interiorismo
Glosario de interiorismo


This term is used in decorative themes related to the restoration of furniture. It means applying oil or other similar matter, spreading it superficially.


Another term essential in the deco environment. It refers to decorative objects and furniture recovered from the past, but not yet considered as antiques. In itself, it is a decorative style with much force and vigor.


Certain trends in decoration are closely related to this concept. It means well-being and involves decorating so that the house is a haven of tranquility and anti-stress. Another term of great importance in recent times, widely used in comfortable establishments and rest as a certain type of hotels or resorts. It is also increasingly common in workspaces.


It is a tropical herbaceous plant with woody stems. In decoration it is used to refer to the textile fiber that is extracted from the bark of that plant. It is a very resistant and natural vegetable fiber, rustic look. It is used for upholstery and it is also very common to find jute carpets.

Photo credit: MNTX