Kitsch style as interior decoration trend

New blog post in which we have as main protagonist the Kitsch style as interior decoration trend. A very special proposal that represents a different bet.

Kitsch style represents an evolution of retro trends. It is a movement that mixes retro and vintage styles, creating aesthetics full of nostalgia and trendiness at the same time. It is a style distinguished because of uneven forms and trendy colors palette.

Kitsch retro is inspired by chintz fabric, 70’s decoration, coloured velvet and daring patterns.

Squared colorful printings and the high range of uneven lines also take place in this trend. Moreover it is introduced in a sustainable style, reusing old elements and second hand gadgets.

Estilo Kitsch como tendencia en decoración de interiores
Kitsch style as interior decoration trend

This decoration trend pretends to be exaggerated, sensible and pretentious

In this trend are usually used shiny colors, exaggerated forms and popular culture patterns. Meaning a reason to create funny and casual environments. In addition, it can be used as a tribute to pop culture.

Undoubtedly, it is a very singular decorative style that does not seek to like everybody. In this way, it is important to remember that decoration is a personal expression way. Everyone chooses the style they like the most. To introduce this option in decoration, is supposed to break the established rules and free creativity.

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Photo credit: MNTX