Manatex Quality Policy

MANATEX, company consecrated to marketing activities and production management of empesa, grey and finished fabrics, stablishes as Quality policy the following points:

1:. To introduce and to keep an effective Quality System, integrated and developed in group with all functions of the company.

2:. To fulfill the legal exigencies applicable to each and every activity of the company.

3:. To promote the maximum motivation in all its external partners and staff to get an authentic aptitude of compromise in relation to quality, provision of adequate resource, the formation t workers and personal concerns consideration. In this way, the quality perception is enhanced as a global challenge, in which solution is necessary to join the efforts of everyone.

4:. To define and to document the quality measurable indicators, as well as to stablish measurable objectives that allow the degree of the fulfillment of the comprehensive guidelines defined on the Policy by Management.

5:. To seek the prevention and the minimization of the non-conformities, to fulfill the requirements of the system and the continued improvement of the efficacy of the Quality System by the information analysis, the improvement opportunities identification and the adoption of initiatives that apply them.

6:. To get the complete satisfaction of the clients by:

  • The knowledge of its needs and expectative stablishing efficient mechanisms of communication, that assures the backflow of information.
  • The detailed observation of all requirements accorded and the consecution of a high level of quality in all our products and services.

7:. To amplify the international market action area.