Casual collection fabrics are characterized by a huge variety of combinations and possible shades, as well as its overwhelming, smooth and warm touch that evoke the best natural fibres.


Casual collection decorative solutions composition is synonymous of ease and success. The Collection is composed by 6 designs and more than 40 shades creating a nice bicolour effect, making possible many decorative alternatives for different styles of curtains, table linen, upholstery or bedspread.
In these articles, we find several alternatives that provide the hoped quality and distinction in important or quotidian moments. The touch is a silent and unconscious witness of good feelings. This one only can be achieved by the good care of the fabric from the beginning till the end.
To dress rooms with soft curtains, tables with delicate table linen, beds and sofas with sweeping and warm fabrics, is a passion that Manatex has come true because of Casual Collection.
Functional Innovation for classical emotions
Casual collection fabrics maintenance is developed in great conditions due to the high resistance of its composition. Data sheet presents:

  1. Resistance to dry wash

  2. Resistance to tumble drying

  3. Admission of chlorinated products

  4. Laundries at 60 ºC

It is a collection where you will find the perfect option in many of its variants. Casual Collection come true clients business or projects with the best functional guarantees and sensory aspects. In addition, we can find it in flame-retardant version.

Remember, Manatex is specialist in custom-made projects according to the client. Thanks to our Research, Development and Innovation Department that researches in collaboration with the main Technological Institutes and Universities of the vanguard in the textile innovation.