Inner is a Manatex speciality, this one presents a big range in different qualities and compositions that can be adapted to all needs and provide an excellent service.

Manatex inners are soft and resistant fabrics, really flexible. They are the perfect choice for high quality lined curtains, lined bedspread, bed linen, pillow cases and duvet covers confection.

Manatex Pes/Co inners are the perfect combination of soft and warm touch with flexibility and high resistance

100 % Cotton Inner

Manatex 100% Cotton Inners offer all natural fibres excellences such as comfort, breathability, warmth and softness for high quality clothes confection.

100 % Polyester Inner

Manatex 100% Polyester Inner offers the maximum resistance with the best maintenance conditions and with minor risk of shrinking for lasting clothes confection.

Flame-Retardant Inners

Manatex Fire-retardant Inners are technical flame-retardant fabrics with the highest classification according to the European Standard UNE EN 13733:2003 and UNE EN 1021:1994 for public facilities curtains and upholstery. As well as the M1 (NF P 92-503, NF P 92-504, NF P 92-505) French Certificate and the Maritime Safety Certificate from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Flame-retardant inner of Manatex is a collection of auxiliary fabrics for decoration projects in hotel and Horeca industry.