Interlining is a collection of natural, resistant and dense fabrics, mostly composed by 100%cotton, but also by flax and jute. Manatex Interlining has indispensable fabrics for upholstered furniture and pillows production with feather and fiber filling.



Manatex interlining is a very resistant fabrics collection composed by 100% cotton, ideal for pillows production with feather and fiber filling. In addition, this collection is ideal for lined of arms, basses and removable sofas. It can be used too as braces and suspenders inside the upholstered furniture, and even the restauration of old and handmade pieces of furniture.


Manatex Twill is a tissue collection with diagonal weave. It is ideal for high quality upholstered furniture in fur and for feather pillow high range.

Retardant Interlining

Manatex Flame-retardant Interlining is a collection composed by pretty resistant fire retardant fabrics in 100% cotton, under the United Kingdom BS legislation for the upholstered furniture and pillows production.