Molton is a specialty of Manatex that presents one of the most ranged markets with a beatable service. Our Molton is soft and plush, providing to the fabric volume and daintiness for high quality curtains.

In addition, Molton is optimum to cover walls, always keeping that it is an essential for guests’ comfort on table and it is an ideal landfill for bedspreads due to its warmth and volume.


Manatex fabric Molton is the most qualified and resistant landfill. The assortment is composed by several varieties that satisfy different volume needs such as touch, fall, prize and light sensation

Not weaving

Not weaving Molton is the perfect article to cover walls; the collection presents different volume versions and width adjustable to the different needs of the large room.


Manatex tablemat is essential to protect the table and to give comfort to guests in home and restaurants. The collection has different quality versions, volume and width that satisfy user’s preferences and needs.