The main characters in the decoration of the living, bed and dining room are curtains and tablecloths. These ones dress in a proud and elegant way each room according to the desired and marked style.


Natural fabrics provide equilibrium between rooms and people who enjoy of them. The neutrality is a sign of quality, like our Nature Collection, perhaps the most delicate collection from Manatex.
We are really conscious of pleasures and preferences of people and we try to get on to their premises respecting totally the equilibrium between the different textile fibres.

Nature Collection is one of the most special for us and the client can realize it, just touching the fabrics that compose the collection. Nature from Manatex offers the best possible touch, linked to extreme resistance for this sort of fabrics.

Inside of this collection we can find (cotton) duck, half panama and cotton soft twill, flax and polyester. Due to fibres contribution, the success is guaranteed because of the touch and the pleasant appearance.
Nature Fabrics introduce natural and soft shades. Based on the most sophisticated interior design, fabrics may be able to stand the responsibility about marking the difference and about being the main character of environments. Nature fabrics are chosen detailed fondly by us. Fact reflexed in the high interest that those fabrics wake up in national and international designers, and interior decorators.
Inside of the broad variety options that Nature offers, we can find colourful and modern colour tones with whose dress any innovator and avant-garde project. Like in the rest of our collections, Nature has the maximum personalization according to the specific needs of each project.
Nature Collection textiles can be applied in curtains, pillows, handbags, tents and lining of a superior quality. These ones can offer a surprising value because of the quality and touch in the final finishing.