The main characters in the decoration of living, bed and dining room are curtains and tablecloths. These ones dress in a proud and elegant way each room according to the desired and marked style.


In Manatex, we know that these elements may be cared for by high quality fabrics that contribute necessary and just doses of distinction, to add into the ideal user experience.
A pleasant rainbow of ecru colours is added to our catalogue due to Pure Collection Fabrics. Fabrics mixing cotton and polyester to provide own personality with natural appearance to curtains and table linen.

The curtain temperance and the fine lightness of the table cloth are details that cannot be achieved easily. Appropriated and studied textiles are required to get success and quality guarantee in a long term.

Pure Collection fabrics present simple designs that help designers and interior decorators to get warm and equilibrate environments. Naturalness and purity of these fabrics are unique getting practical and functional results.

Characteristics such as naturalness, equilibrium and purity are synonymous of a firm base to create spaces that touch and create beauty memories on people’s mind. To dress windows or tables is a delicate task that must be let on experts’ hands and on sublime tissues.

Manatex introduces to you Pure Collection Tissues to create in your mind an ideal space. We come true your needs and wishes. We work each project from personality and quality on our experimented human team.

Pure fabrics confidence is constant due to an easy beauty and to a high fusion capacity in the most uneven places.