Fabrics personality and characteristics and the way the furniture is dressed are the key to make clients fall in love with the room decoration.


The experience endorses us along more than 90 years dedicated to fabrics commercialization in decoration, confection, contract and upholstery. In addition, the experience provides us a high perspective about the most exclusive users and consumers.

Quilt Collection has an elegant and natural style. It has a wide range of designs available to clients’ tastes and preferences. Quilt Collection fabrics are designed to obtain the maximum performance and showiness, achieving the best result referring to the beauty at the seeing and a surprising softness.

We advise Quilt Collection Fabrics use to satisfy the most underlined solutions in bedspreads, pillows, curtains, table linen and serviettes. The result of these fabrics is quality and success guarantee.

In case, we would underline two topics describing Quilt Collection fabrics, without doubt, we would choose the following ones:

The own volume of these fabrics creates comfortable and warm environments

The natural look of its designs makes them exclusive and a time that they have been applied in some spaces, these ones become exclusive areas.

The Optimum Condition Maintenance lends unique guarantees of durability.

The room elegancy is marked by small details that dress and decorate without tracking attention, just taking part on it and involving gently each corner of the room. We put our whole knowledge on developing Quilt fabrics with the most advanced technology and with the guarantee of working each project in a different and specific way, according to the client needs.
Dress your interior like you would dress your exterior.