In public facilities as well as home, are required easy cleaning fabrics and resistant fabrics able to stand the wear of the diary use and to repeal liquids and spots.


Due to Riviere Collection, textile industry exigencies impossible to satisfy in the past become true nowadays. It is destined for going with the most extreme uses with the maximum guarantees of the fabrics quality.

Riviere Collection is ideal for upholstery, pillows, table runner and individual mats. Fabrics exposed to an extensive use and maintenance with the assured lifetime and guarantee of Riviere fabrics.

The colour range of this collection is very wide to satisfy a great range of tastes and preferences of our clients. We can find 52 colours where we distinguish from the most natural and elegant to the most modern, fresh and self-assured.

The Riviere Collection combines perfectly the most remarkable textile advances with the most singular notes in reference to the colour and design.

Riviere Fabrics use and cleaning are guaranteed by accredited laboratories to be an unquestionable guarantee. Some of these characteristics are the following ones:

Easy cleaning due to spot-remover Teflon finishing, that repeals the aqueous and fatty fluids.

Fabrics resistance and colour solidity to the wear produced because of the laundry, light and friction.

Riviere Collection fabrics offer an optimum appearance in the most exigent stages like upholstery and hostel and catering business, always with the Manatex guarantee and the peace to develop each project according to the needs of each client.