Pure opulence, luxury finishes in any area of the house

We have a new entry for our blog with a very curious theme as the protagonist. We talk, on this occasion, of pure opulence, and how luxury finishings are fashionable in any area of the house.

Pure opulence, as a concept, possesses undoubted strength. Now, after a cyclical journey (as with all trends), it is again present. This time he does it everywhere with a sudden impulse. We can see thismovement with luxury finishings in different areas of the home, even in those not foreseen or unusual.

This stream includes unexpected spaces such as basements, playrooms, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms on the ground floor and even inside garages.

While minimalism and the idea of a simple life have been the main theme for many years, the concepts of maximalism are back. In fact, they bring with them a new wave of features where luxury is the prominent protagonist.

Opulencia pura, acabados de lujo en cualquier zona de la casa
Pure opulence, luxury finishes in any area of the house

We can achieve this interior decoration by introducing rich woven spaces, exciting textures and deep colors

To achieve a projection of greatness, we can incorporate warm metals such as gold or brass. Today, both metals are gaining ground to black. In addition, we can combine golden shades with organic elements such as floral fractals.

In part, we can practice the fusion of biophilia in this type of environment (discover here this interesting decorative concept). Thanks to this, we can turn nature into a powerful argument full of luxury, maintaining a comfortable and organic aesthetic.

In this sense, printed fabrics can provide us with infinite possibilities to fill the different spaces of the home with inspiration.

In Manatex, we take into account all the decorative trends and the different needs that arise in the market. Therefore, we design customized textile solutions to decorate different types of rooms. Homes and professional spaces are an essential objective of our proposals, with special focus on the design of custom textiles. Our specialization in high quality fabrics for decoration makes us a benchmark in the sector.

Photo credit: MNTX