Textile Products Adaptation, Development and Personalisation

Given the big present offer in the market of all fabrics sort, it is essential to make an approach on development and personalization textile products, adapted for the client.

Manatex is conscious of the exigencies of each client, inside of the value chain in our industry and the importance that roles each one of them. Consequently we must listen to our clients’ needs and to analyse the way to adequate our proposals to them.

Each space that is going to be dressed by textile articles has specific and determined characteristics. Consequently the personalisation and adaptation of the offer is a determinant factor for us.

For Prescription channels, architects, designers, interior designers or decorators- is really helpful to have a company who provides them fabrics samples to play with different colours and textures to adapt them to the space where they will be installed.

We may think in the person who has the decorative idea for the space that is going to be decorated. In addition, we need to offer him all possible proposals. It is very important to provide some advises in reference to fabrics function and characteristics.

For instance, it is interesting to inform correctly about flame retardant fabrics, that can mark the difference when we are talking about the common and collective use of some spaces, as for example the hotel and catering business.

Also is very important to give advice about the convenience of textile fabrics created from natural fibres or man-made fibre.

Touch, texture, colour, appearance and other interest aspects are important to take final decisions on the part of our clients, whom we advise the best chose according to their premises.