Textile products mergent trends: Bare Essentials

Second post of this new series in our blog in  which we are highlighting some emerging trends in textile products. In this case, we are going to expose Bare Essentials current.

After the precedent post, in which we talked about New Moderns, now we pass to another focus that also is being very noticeable in the real market scenario.

This trend, Bare Essentials, shows how to live with less and better, a topic that is becoming more of an imperative than an option.

How does this current impact on textile products level? All is translated in proposals of easy designings, a bet in neutral colors and a naturality exploration in ecru materials.

Textile products mergent trends: Bare Essentials
Textile products mergent trends: Bare Essentials

Textile products mergent trends: Bare Essentials

Simple designs are totally aligned to the real moment in the overcrowding of proposals, too much ornated textiles.

In this sense, the bet is about offering a select textiles range, as well as home as professional spaces. The idea is that textiles have a longer length, in other words, it is wanted that textiles have length for more than one season.

As we said before, it is very important to highlight some textile products’ functional topics, such as their length, their easy cleaning, their resistance to adversarial elements, etc.

Manatex team is committed with textiles development that love adversity. All our textiles are subjected to high quality controls to check that all properties fulfill strictly their functional aspects.

As an example of a basic product we underline the proposal of Bare Essentials trend, we show our Firenze textile. It is a multifunctional article ideal for curtains or even for table linen. In addition, we have to underline neutral colors,because this fact, this article doesn’t go out of fashion.

Photo credit: MNTX