Textile products mergent trends: Joyful Textiles

Fourth post of this new series in our blog in  which we are highlighting some emerging trends in textile products. In this case, we are going to expose Joyful Textiles current.

First and foremost, we would like to refresh the three precedent posts of this serie, in which we are talking about the following trends:

Now is the moment to go into another focus. It is about another of the most interesting currents that we can feel in the present market scenario.

It is about exploring the power that design has and how this one affects people’s mood. In this sense, joy and optimism are a clear source of inspiration.

Se trata de explorar el poder que tiene el diseño y cómo este afecta en el estado de ánimo de las personas. En este sentido, la alegría y el optimismo son una clara fuente de inspiración.

Textile products mergent trends: Joyful Textiles
Textile products mergent trends: Joyful Textiles

Textile products mergent trends: Joyful Textiles 

For example, to work with artists and local artisans, to bet in a sustainable way that supports local economies, etc. In this way, one can discover and learn new techniques and to offer a new type of product to the market, with belonging place characteristics.

This sort of approach runs away from the high mass production and bets by quality, instead of quantity. We have already talked in precedent posts.  

To take care of the little details and to bet by proximity in all those senses of the production process give place with soul, singularity and unique designs.

In Manatex we are conscious of the current market assessments and because of this fact we work to create textiles that fulfil this sort of criteria of trend.

In this sense, we would like to highlight our textile Abril, which fulfils a high color range that releases joy, following the line of the concept Joyful Textiles.

Photo credit: MNTX