Textile products mergent trends: Renewed Heritage

Fifth and last post about this series in which we have highlighted textile products mergent trends. In this case, we have like the main character the Renewed Heritage current.

First of all, we would like to refresh the three precedent posts of this series, in which we talked about the following trends:

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  • Bare Essentials (click here)
  • Healthy Materials (click here)
  • Joyful Textiles(click here)

Now is time to talk about the last approach we were highlighting. It is about another more interesting current that we can see in the real market scenario.

2020 has represented a high impact for all sectors, and specially to textile. In this trend, the present looks to the past from a nostalgic point of view. Because of this fact, some of the most classical textile decorative elements are recovered, such as velour, finishings or even camouflage effect.

Textile products mergent trends: Renewed Heritage
Textile products mergent trends: Renewed Heritage

Without leaving the rest of trends on one side, we can check how this sort of proposals have been growing in the market.

It is about proposing new atemporal ideas, classics that are reinvented and traditional concepts that we can see summarized in the new scenario in which we are.

All these facts are represented in textile designs that acquire a relevant personality and that are aligned with new consumers demands.

Manatex is conscious of all these market currents and for this reason we work to create textiles that fullfll with all this sort of trend criteria. In this way, we would like to highlight our article Sena.

Photo credit: MNTX