Digital lavender, emotionally inspired color for decoration

In this new entry of our blog,  we have as the protagonist a color of emotional inspiration for the decoration. It is the so-called “digital lavender“.

According to WGSN, a trend forecasting entity that is an international authority, the color of the year in 2023 will be “digital lavender“. We talk about a soft shade of violet that expresses two types of emotions. On the one hand, joy and on the other, calm. By introducing this color into the home, we can design a relaxing environment that, in turn, helps us lift our spirits.

The lavender color is in itself a highly appreciated interior decoration option, precisely for its soothing qualities. This tonality evolves from the soft pink tones that have triumphed in millenary design.

Lavanda digital, color de inspiración emocional para la decoración
Digital lavender, emotionally inspired color for decoration

Color proximity to the color of the year Pantone 2022, Very Peri

As we can see, this decorative option is very close to the color of the year Pantone 2022, Very Peri. The ideal of this choice was intended to bring a sense of renewal at a time of global recovery.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that colors investigation with shorter wavelengths, such as light purple, generate feelings of serenity. At the same time, purple tones project luxury and sophistication, while possessing gender neutrality and inclusiveness. In addition, it has deep connections with nature, making it ideal for any stay in the home or workspace.

Undoubtedly, a color proposal full of opportunities that deserves to have its space and prominence. Versatility and harmony are part of the result of applying it in different shapes and contrasts.

In Manatex, we take into account all decorative trends. Therefore, we design customized textile solutions to decorate different types of rooms. Homes and professional spaces are an essential objective of our proposals, with special focus on the design of custom textiles. Our specialization in high quality fabrics for decoration makes us a benchmark in the sector.

Photo credit: MNTX

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