Newstalgic, the decorative style that combines past and present

A new term that we will surely keep in mind in everything related to interior designs. Is about the Newstalgic current, the decorative style that combines past and present. This term is a fusion of “new” and “nostalgic”.

This new style is defined by the mixture of new and old, with the aim of creating a warm environment, modern and with some familiar air. Nostalgia is projected through pieces like vintage furniture, but also with the cozy sensation of this space.

In this sense, it is intended to value the memories that make a place something special. The style Newstalgic combines contemporary lines with the comfort and warmth of the home of our childhoods. Therefore, we speak of a new type of nostalgia, experienced through a contemporary prism. Convenience and comfort that are rooted in familiarity, combined with a modern design.

Newstalgic, el estilo decorativo que combina pasado y presente
Newstalgic, the decorative style that combines past and present

Spaces designed based on good memories have magic

The pandemic has changed us, without any doubt. Now we see the homes from the point of view and values such as familiarity are being imposed. It is a natural response to both scenarios of uncertainty and continuous change. Counting with personal and professional cozy spaces has become a necessity.

Therefore, it seeks to give warmth to our living spaces, make them overwhelming and meaningful. In this sense, decorative textiles can give us many nice nuances. The opportunity to personalize decorative fabrics with designs that attract us is an excellent option.

In Manatex,  we can adapt an infinite number of designs to adjust them to different lifestyles that help to express the authenticity of home or professional space. In this way, the personal expressivity soars.

Our personalized textile solutions for the equipment of different types of rooms are perfect to satisfy the necessities of our customers. We have a great specialization in  high quality fabrics for decoration and different types of fabrics. These also have highly valued technical properties.

Photo credit: MNTX