Trend color combinations (1) to decorate spaces with textiles

We start a new series of posts where we have as main protagonists different trend color combinations (1) to decorate spaces with textile.

When choosing the colors that are going to decorate a room at home or work, it’s essential to take into account some factors. Among them, how much light is received, how big it is, and of course the color walls. Under these parameters, we can choose which color range is best suited.

With the objective of providing ideas and inspiration, we will see in this series of posts different combinations that may be interesting for your personal or professional space.

Combinaciones de color (1) de tendencia para decorar espacios con textil
Trend color combinations (1) to decorate spaces with textiles

White tones combined with sand and ocher tones

This option projects a natural and cozy space. Color white is, without a doubt, the best base for almost every type of decoration, since its versatility it’s extreme. This allows it to be compatible with practically any color range.

One of the ranges with which generates a very harmonic set is to mix it with sand and ocher tones.  In this way, a combination of great naturalness arises that provides an undoubted warmth sensation.

In addition it is very bright. This perception brings amplitude to the rooms, and it’s a wildcare for an infinity of decoration styles. As an additional point, if we add small nuances of shades of gray and black, the feeling of warmth is triggered.

Manatex has a wide range of textiles for this color combinations

In line with current decorative trends of the market, in Manatex, we design textiles personalized solutions for the equipment of rooms. The tastes and preferences of our customers are listened to in order to provide them with what it’s ideal for their decorative ideas

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Photo credit: MNTX