Interior design glossary (3): Interesting terms to know

Third entry of the series of posts where we are defining an interior design glossary (3) with different interesting terms to know. Interior design is a world full of curiosities and a lot of concepts that are worth it to discover.

We continue with the next terms of the interior design world:


Probably we have heard a lot of times that furniture is made to measure in MDF and then lined, coated or lacquered. DM are the initials of medium density. It is a type of chipboard, a board made up of pressed particles. It is not made of natural wood and it is used to make bookcases and all kinds of furniture.

In suite

It is usually used for the expression “bath in suite”, that, literally, defines a bedroom with an attached bathroom. As architects recuse there can be different opinions, but as an expression it is always a hit.

Glosario de interiorismo
Interior design glossary


It is about the union, joint, coupling or adjustment of pieces of wood by means of special cuts making protruding parts of one fit into incoming parts of the other. Particularly, tongue and groove, dovetail, loop, tongs, half wood, miter, false miter, tongue or lambeta, box with tenons, missing loops, etc.


It is referred to as a technic decoration that supports a marble effect to the walls, obtaining a shiny and very particular finish.


It gives the name to the wood drying process, through which much of the water is removed from the material, making it better resist the passage of time and not bend.


It means that “it is free” and the term applied to decoration is used to refer to furniture that is not stuck to an immovable wall. For example, a free-standing bathtub is one that is not built-in. Another example would be a free wardrobe, which would be the one that is not built-in, but rather it is a piece of furniture that can be moved and moved to another room.

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